DC Referral Program

Want To Save $25 Off Your Tuition Next Month?!

The Dance Connection is proud to offer the DC Referral Program to our current students!

The next time you are in the studio, pick up Dance Connection flyers from the front desk and sign your name to the back of each flyer. Distribute these flyers at your child’s pre-school, day care, school, cheerleading camp, soccer field… anywhere you may see a child that looks like they may enjoy dance/gym class. If they bring in the flyer (with your name on the back) and register for classes you will receive $25 off your tuition the following month! If we get 4 flyers returned with your name on the back you could get $100.00 off your tuition.

Another way to participate in the DC referral program is to refer a student to the Dance Connection. When that child fills out their registration form have them fill out your name in the referred by section. You will receive $25 off your tuition the following month.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask anyone at the studio below!