2020-2021 Student Solo Registration Form

2020 ~SUMMER~ Solo/Specialty

Solos and/or Specialties that are taught the summer of 2020 will have the opportunity to perform and/or compete starting January 2021. Learning routines in the summer gives the performer a chance to learn a routine without having to learn many other class routines at the same time. It also gives the performer the opportunity to compete in approximately 6 competitions. Fall Solo/Specialties will not compete until the end of March and will only have the opportunity to compete 3 times.

Solos and specialties are a great way to build self-esteem and confidence. These special classes help student’s individual ability improve as well as improving her performance on a large company.  

Music for solos and specialties will be chosen by the teacher on an individual basis taking into consideration the student’s abilities and age levels.  Students in each specialty group will be chosen by the teachers.   Solos and specialties will be taught at a time that is convenient for both the dancers and the teacher. Solos and Specialties are for competitions only.

Solos and Specialties will start end of July/ beginning of August. Your solo and/or specialty group, teacher and music will be chosen for you. Please DO NOT contact teachers asking them to choreograph your routine. 
Sign up NOW if you want your solo/specialty done in the summer!

For your convenience solos and or specialty payments and costume fees will be broken up into monthly payments.

THE DETAILS ARE: The cost for a Summer Solo is a deposit of $155.00 and 3 payments of $200.00 ~Oct.1st, Nov.1st, Jan.1st.  This cost covers 10 classes at ½ hour each.

The cost for a Summer Duo/Trio /Small Group is $155.00 and 3 payments of $165.00~Oct.1st, Nov.1st, Jan.1st.  This cost covers 12 classes at ½ hour each.

(Any additional time needed will be an additional cost.  The only additional fees will be the cost of costume due 10/10 and competitions.)

Please fill this form out as soon as you can, and no later than August 10, 2020

Solos and Specialties are for competition only. 

  1. Your signature above gives permission for your child to have a Solo and or Specialty in 2020-2021 danced season with the understanding that your child MUST participate in all regularly scheduled Company classes and 5 Summer Workshop classes.
  2. It serves as an agreement for FULL PAYMENT of the Solo and or Specialty and costume if a decision is made to terminate solo/specialty for whatever reason FULL PAYMENT  is still due.
  3. Agree to NOT use this choreography or perform it under any other name except Dance Connection and authorized by Laurie Nazarian Knott.